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God’s Anointed Now Generation (GANG)

is an international young adult and student-focused movement .


Our desire is to see young people reach their full potential and

purpose in life , no matter their background or status.


We believe that our lives can be an example to others around us

of  the transforming power of Jesus Christ in today's world. 


New Gen is a tier within GANG for 11-14 year olds. Our motto is 'Serve God for Life'. We create a space for them to build relationships,  explore their giftings and discover what God says about them.


Our aim is to bring 14-18 year olds into a strong relationship with God and with each other.

We believe in talking about real issues, reading the Bible, praying and having fun!


Our desire is to inspire, train and equip young people 18+ to be successful in every area of their lives...

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